The lovely Amanda from Naturally Nature was kind enough to send us a bottle of her Anti-Aging Night Serum.

Amanda is a true believer of the powers of aromatherapy and is a qualified Aromatherapist. After losing her brother in traumatic circumstances she found a way to rejuvenate her body and soul through the wonderful healing powers of aromatherapy which encouraged her to start Naturally Nature

I had the pleasure of reviewing the Anti-Aging Night Serum from Naturally Nature over the past few weeks and I took on the reviewing process myself as I was the perfect candidate, aged 50 with dry skin. I’m so glad I did because at this time of year my skin seems to become more fragile and easily irritated so it was in need of some intense moisturizing.

I found that you only need a small amount of the serum to cover the entire face and neck, actually only about three drops from the dropper! It has such a wonderfully uplifting scent of frankincense and massaged into the skin well. I love using serums and oils on my skin because I feel they do a much better job of deeply nourishing the skin rather than moisturiser alone.  I still applied a light moisturiser over the serum before bed each night. I also started using the serum on the back of my hands and it made a huge difference after about three nights. You could visibly see that my hands were less creepy and of course less dry and itchy. I enjoyed using the serum and will continue to use it as it’s definitely improving the quality of my skin at this time of year. Thanks Amanda.